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Behind The Box

Florist in a box

A Brand Created by Florists...

...to offer a sustainable alternative to fresh florals. Our eternity florals are grown all across the world, imported into New York to be assembled by world class floral designers. Our brand offers a wide variety of products ranging from boxes filled with eternity roses, bridal style bouquets, and arrangements made in high quality vases. 

The Florists Behind the Box

Florist in a box was created by a floral design Father-son duo, Brian and Andrew, based in New York. With over 50 years of combined experience as floral and event designers, Brian and Andrew saw a need to make the floral industry more sustainable. In turn creating an expertly crafted line of arrangements that will last for over a year. 

what is an eternity flower?

Eternity flowers are grown as fresh florals and are preserved through a long non-toxic process. To ensure the best product, our eternity roses are grown around the world and imported directly from the fields of South America. Our eternity flowers last anywhere from 1-5 years depending on your care of them: Keep the eternity florals in a dry, room temperature space, with no direct sunlight.

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